To Buy or Build New


When purchasing a home, often the list of features and location you are looking for will indicate whether a new home is right for you. There are many advantages to buying a pre-owned home and building a new house. So let's break down the big differences:

Buying an existing house usually means a faster move in which is really convenient, especially if you might be under a deadline. Older homes may also offer loads of charming features such as bigger, mature shade trees, broad brick hearths at the focal point of the family room, and more built-in shelving or storage. A shorter commute to your key points of interest could also be an important feature to your lifestyle. Older neighborhoods may also offer a wider range of options if you prefer to avoid the added cost and restrictions of membership in a Home Owners' Association. Residential Resale Contracts are also easier to navigate for individuals because they dont reflect bias toward the selling side - unlike more legalistic builder agreements.

However, New Home Construction maybe a viable option that you have not yet considered. Perhaps you will enjoy the ability to customize a floor plan and design a Brand New Build any way you want. It may be that modern neighborhood amenities such as a resort-style community pool or state-of-the-art fitness center will enrich your lifestyle. A newer home will usually require less mainenance which may reduce anxieties about future repair costs.  Green appliances/Energy Star rated appliances and more efficient plumbing and electrical fixtures allow you to build "green" for a more sustainable home in the long run. Sometimes we can even get added material upgrades, appliance incentives and/or Closing Costs accepted into the contract.

I will help you navigate ALL your real estate options, including the possibilities of new construction. In addition to my direct access to pre-owned homes inventory via MLS, I also have access to an extensive database of local Builders and Residential Developments including floorplans and virtual tours.

Know this, ALL reputable homebuilders work with real estate agents- Buyer's Agent advantages don't stop at the door of a Builder's Model Home and neither will we. Since Home Builders pay real estate commission to Buyer's Agents, working with an experienced advocate like me will cost you absolutely nothing and opens up full range of opportunities for you. I can help you negotiate the best deal and make sure that you find what you are looking for. (A word of caution: I strongly recommend that you have your own agent present when touring builder models and engaging in conversations with the on-site salesperson. They are not obligated to the same standards of practice as I am so it's best to include me in every step.)

If you are interested in New Construction Homes, I am happy to provide more information on the new developments in your target area and explain some of the features offered by various builders. ANYTIME you want to tour a model or visit about design options, let me know and we will make it happen!

In the end, the decision To Buy or Build New is deeply personal so I encourage you to take in all the options and trust your instinct to reveal the right choice for you and your family. Wherever you path leads, I'll be ready and able to help you get there!